Welcome to La Tour!

We believe you have visited many top class restaurants around the world. That you have tasted and enjoyed the best that is available. Nevertheless, we are sure that you have never had an experience of the kind that awaits you at La Tour.

La Tour embodies our vision of what a top-level restaurant should be. From the attention to detail to the experience as a whole.

In fact, everything we’ve done so far – from the legendary Pontus in the Green House to the wide range of restaurants we’ve started and run in recent years – has been an energetic and joyous rehearsal for La Tour.

With La Tour, we formulate a completely new concept for food culture and restaurant experience, with roots deeply rooted in our passion and experience. We call it power dining. An extremely exclusive experience in all dimensions.

To La Tour you take the people who mean the most to you and to La Tour you should want to return often.

Pontus Frithiof and Mario E. Moroni

The salon

Our heart is on floor 23, at the top of the classic newspaper building on Kungsholmen.

When the elevator doors open, the whole of Stockholm with its buildings, islands and water forms the foundation for the experience that awaits. Regardless of the season or time of day, it’s a view that captivates – and that contributes to a visit to La Tour appealing to all the senses.

The interior tries to live up to the view from the window. Starting from the austerely elegant original architecture, we have carefully created an atmosphere that is as exclusive as it is welcoming.

In the salon, we believe in freedom and offer an à la carte menu instead of ready-made tasting menus. Here we want our guests to be able to enjoy the La Tour experience based on personal taste preferences.

Menu – The Salon

Menu – Selection by Pontus

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Chambre séparée

There are times when privacy is important. It can be about a business meeting, or about gathering your friends in a peaceful and exclusive gathering. Therefore La Tour has three chambre séparée.

Two of the rooms accommodate eight people each and are connected by an orangery, with its own exit to the balcony. In the larger of the three rooms we set the table for a maximum of twelve people and in our chambre séparée we serve the whole party the same pre-ordered menu.

Maybe the names Alain Ducasse, Charlie Trotter and Attilio Basso sound familiar? All three are chefs who have contributed to the development of the world’s finest culinary art. We have chosen to name our three chambre séparée after these strong personalities – simply because they meant a lot both to our restaurant group as a whole and to Pontus personally.

In one of our chambre séparée, an experience is guaranteed where the food, the view, the atmosphere and the possibility of privacy are unique ingredients.

Afternoon Tea

Now we take the next step and open up La Tour for Pontus and Mario’s dream, to serve their guests Afternoon Tea. With inspiration from London’s luxury hotels and role models in Asia, we can now proudly present La Tour’s interpretation of Afternoon Tea!

Every Saturday starting from September 17, we serve Afternoon Tea. Take the elevator up to floor 23, step into our warm cozy room and enjoy Stockholm’s perhaps most unbeatable view, good food, good tea and not least be pampered by our staff.

Mario is behind our generous selection of teas. All types of tea are of the highest quality and there is no similar Afternoon Tea service in Stockholm. By the way, did you know that Mario has won awards for his knowledge of tea?

Menu – Afternoon Tea

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The Unicorn is the La Tour experience taken to its peak. A dream come true. A composition based on cooking and serving at the highest level. A dinner consisting of a dozen dishes where only the most high-class and sought-after ingredients are used.

The menu is based on the season, but caviar, truffles and lobster, for example, always have an obvious place.

Simply put, we have captured the essence of our most lofty ambitions. Based on these, we have created a context where food and wine can flourish in complete freedom. Several of the wines that accompany the food cannot be found anywhere else.

Neither does the environment. 84 meters above Stockholm, you can see the autumn leaves swirl as they leave their crowns, or enjoy the summer sunset with a glass of champagne in hand on the balcony.

The Unicorn can be booked for at least six people and the experience begins even before the lift doors open on floor 23. The Unicorn includes pick-up and drop-off of guests within the greater Stockholm area, either with our Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph or with one of the other first-class cars in our fleet.

Food and wine

La Tour serves the very finest ingredients that can be found, prepared with care and passion at the absolute highest level.

For La Tour there are no shortcuts or compromises. That’s why we talk about power dining. A restaurant experience that is the sum of our experience and our love for world-class cooking.

Our beverage range reflects our ambitions. Only the highest level in terms of taste and quality will be considered.

Shuttle service

Let the experience of La Tour begin already at home. We offer a pick-up service with a chauffeur who drives you to the entrance, where our concierge receives and escorts you to the restaurant on the 23rd floor. Pick-up takes place with our own gem, a Rolls-Royce. But we also use other cars on request, in collaboration with Porsche Center Stockholm and Bilmetro in Gävle.

A treat for the eyes too

The view over Stockholm, the interior architecture – and the art. La Tour should be a treat for all the senses. Therefore, our ambitions do not stop with the food and service. The room is also an inalienable part of the experience.

Art that evokes emotions and contributes to the atmosphere therefore has an obvious place with us. Our collaboration with Galleri GKM stretches back more than ten years and has given our guests the chance to meet some of the world’s most exciting artists.

At La Tour, art is present in every room. Sculptures and paintings are placed thoughtfully and can become a starting point for conversation – or just act as mood enhancers in the background.

Right now you are greeted by signed works of César (France, 1921–1998), Arman (France, 1928–2005), Philippe Huart (1953–), William Sweetlove (1949–) and David Drebin (1970–).

You can read more about the works and artists at Galleri GKM..

Location and opening hours

À la carte in the salon
Thursday 17.30-23.00,
Friday 11.30-14.00 17.30-23.00
Saturday 17.30-23.00

Deviations may occur, see booking link.

La Tour afternoon tea.
Saturdays at 12.30-14.30 starting 17th of September.

Chambre séparèe
Always open

Rålambsvägen 17
112 59 Stockholm

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+46 8 23 99 50