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In English

Pontus Frithiof is an entrepreneur, as much as a restaurateur. As an English speaker you might not understand much of this web site, but you will probably, and correctly, deduce that there are many different parts that make up Pontus Group. To name a few, there is restaurant Pontus!, the bistro Pocket and the catering company, From Pontus. All parts have there own character, but also many things in common; amongst them are professionalism, quality,  regard and respect for the guests, and a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the restaurant experience as a whole. Dining out is fun!

The dining room in restaurant Pontus! is a metropolitan brasserie deluxe, with breathtaking design and three set menus, each with its own theme and story to tell. Affordable, accessible and very tasty luxury.

Pocket is a bistro with a French heart and a Swedish soul. Honest, loving cooking with simple ingredients and lots of greens. The atmosphere is lively and cheerful, the staff kind and attentive and the tempo high. Great prices and a great little wine list.

In the suburb of Solna, a new restaurant has just seen the light of day. It goes by the name of Pontus in the Park and the vast space is filled with possibilities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A la carte or from a buffet. Lively atmosphere in the bistro, Pocket (yes, another Pocket!), or private and secluded in one of the chambre separées. Eat in the restaurant or take away. Or delivered to the office door.
We look forward to meeting the needs of a whole new crowd.

Check out the pink square called “Kontakta” for numbers and e-mail addresses.